Larissa Hadjio is a designer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles who creates sustainability-focused products and businesses

Historic Architectural Restoration

Villa Lafayette is a historic concrete and steel 1920s film bungalow located in the Culver City that housed MGM Studios actors and directors of the era. It was granted Landmark status by the the City of Culver City in 1990.

Villa Lafayette was renovated and restored by a team led by Larissa Hadjio to preserve its unique architectural heritage, whilst adding modernizing design and infrastructure that has allowed it to become a sought after film shoot and accommodation location in the heart of Culver City.

Completed in 2021

Topanga Retreat

A full redesign and renovation of a mountain top retreat that's surrounded by State Park land in the Santa Monica Mountains.

The project opened up new views into nature, introduced architectural features that channel natural light throughout the building, integrated new structural engineering elements for greater longterm protection and performance, and simplified the space and materials to provide a calming minimalist aesthetic.

Completed in 2022


Inspired by the simplicity of the 'Cabanon de Le Corbusier' on the Côte d'Azur in France, and the transparent aesthetics of traditional greenhouses.

Kabin is an experimental project space designed for work and recreation that brings the outdoors indoors by replacing traditional cladding with "invisible" materials.

The materials are simple and inexpensive. They amplify natural light and help diffuse internal and external sound, whilst offering incredible weatherproofing ability.

Completed in 2023.

Aesthetic Research

A Los Angeles Design Studio, co-founded by Larissa Hadjio and Andrew McPhee.

Aesthetic Research produces limited-run soft and hard goods designed and produced in LA, and consults on sustainable design and development practices that leverage renewable materials, local suppliers and craftspeople.

Sustainable Product Development

Mäus Essentials is a sustainable kids clothing company that utilizes natural fibers such as organic cotton and Modal.

All products are designed and produced in Los Angeles with durable, planet-friendly tree + cotton materials, and ethical production processes.

Mäus was founded by Larissa Hadjio and backed by investor Antipodean Ventures (Allbirds, Pattern etc).

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Hadjio is a workwear label with a twist, creating durable modern workwear that's as equally functional on a factory floor as it is fashionable.

Hadjio goods are designed for 'Everywear' and developed with vintage materials and ethically produced in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

This approach is a direct response to the rise of 'fast fashion' that has flooded global markets with low quality disposable clothing made in offshore sweatshops.

The label has been featured by Refinery29 and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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A London-based luxury goods label specializing in premium leathergoods and accessories. The label was featured in fashion bibles like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Refinery29 and Grazia magazine.

The label collections have been presented yearly at London and Paris Fashion Weeks, and successful pop-up retail locations were developed in London, Berlin and Auckland.


My focus is on bringing new sustainable products, services and experiences to the world that merge community, culture and commerce with conservation. I have designed and produced products and setup supply chains in multiple countries to operate ethical businesses that are planet-friendly. I have founded and operated businesses in London, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

My entrepreneurial journey began in Europe working as a producer with London's top creative agencies, running multi-million dollar projects and productions. I have worked with many multinational brands to run their global digital content development, setup and managed live events, created new retail locations, run film productions and developed award-winning social content.

My formal design training involves a graduates degree from Central Saint Martins University in London (ranked 2nd in the world for art and design study), and a post-graduate Master's degree in Interactive Media from Goldsmith's University of London, a top global research university in the fields of arts, media and design.